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Fitness SEO: How to Get New Memberships
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  • November 29, 2022
How to get more clients for your business with SEO

There are many difficulties associated with owning a gym or a fitness club. You have to ensure you are completely prepared with all the equipment your clients need for membership. To own a gym, you should be ready to invest a huge sum of money when you think of this adventure.

Not having many clients is unfair despite investing so much in your gym. This necessitates creating a website for your business and knowing about fitness SEO. Many searches for the best fitness centres on the internet before choosing one. Your commitment to having more clients visit your gym does not stop at having a website created for the gym. 

 You have to ensure that it is visible on the first page of the Google search results because you will rarely see people go to the second page when selecting a gym. Being on the first page makes people believe that your gym is popular and authentic. SEO helps achieve better ranks, building brand authority for your business. In this article, we will showcase the meaning of SEO, fitness SEO, and how to attack customers with fitness SEO or SEO for fitness websites.

What is Fitness SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO, helps improve website credits and makes your business or brand more visible to forthcoming customers. When you have a business like a gym, it is essential to target specific searches so that you can captivate the audience. So, we will discuss local SEO for personal websites for the best outcomes.

what is fitness seo

Why do Gyms need SEO? 

Reach Wider Audience 

SEO help you reach a wider audience. It directs your websites to audiences that are more interested in fitness-related content. Fitness SEO gives you an advantage competitively by giving you a higher rank and visibility on the internet. 

audience targeting

Increased brand awareness

Fitness SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that increases the rankings of your fitness brand and your websites. A successful fitness SEO plan will deliver your web pages to the relevant audience through related local search queries. Writing Fitness SEO articles or blog posts and other helpful content can also visualize your brand in front of potential customers, thus increasing brand awareness.

Maximize Profits

The biggest advantage of fitness SEO is that it is exceptionally cost-effective. It may take time to learn the SEO basics and see results. But at the end of the day, a well-structured fitness SEO strategy will deliver an impressive return on investment. It’s the best way to confirm that your fitness business constantly stays on top of the SERPs and you keep gaining new clients. 

maximize profit with seo

Why Is Local Targeting Important for Gym Houses?

When it comes to SEO, it is important for you to Target customers closer to you. Doing this will make it much easier for customers who see your business online to visit your gym. The more local targeting, the better your chances of getting people around you to visit your fitness centre.

SEO strategies for Fitness Companies 

  • Know Your Keywords
  • Buying intent
  • Research Intent
  • Your business should be on “Google my Business.” 
  • Create quality links
  • Optimize your website

Know Your Keywords

The first stage of optimizing your website is gathering keywords for your gym business and services. Make a list of your services, like muscle building, cardio training, etc. Now, find out the keyword percentage with the help of tools like Keywords Everywhere or Google AdWords (Keyword Planner). This will give you a decent idea of the number of people that search for those terms. It has to contain two types of keywords which include; 

Buying intent

This is meant to directly target people looking for your services and ready to sign up and get a membership. Buying intent is significant for your fitness SEO since they attract potential clients and result in high conversions. You can use these types of keywords on your home page. Some examples of fitness keywords that you can use are “yoga classes Sacramento,” “fitness centre Sacramento,” “gym Sacramento” etc.

Research Intent

This keyword is for people searching for information about working out, diet, gym, and fitness. Many look for posts about a diet plan that goes well with their workout plan. You can use keywords for fitness, target highly searched keywords that people use with research intent, and give the appropriate information. Even if such an audience would not get a membership at your gym right away, it expands your online presence and drives more traffic to your website. This will help your fitness SEO. 

Your business should be on “Google my Business.” 

Generally, people perform a complete background check before getting a membership at your gym. This involves all the details of your gym like name, address, phone number, photos, location on the maps, etc. Being on Google My Business is one stop to getting all the necessary details and makes you get more client’s through fitness SEO. 

Make sure you complete the verification process for Google My Business to get the tag “verified” next to your online business on the tool. This enhances the credibility of your gym business. 

All the information you provide, particularly the name, address, and phone number, should be the same everywhere on the internet. Google also checks through these documents to see your consistency and validity. Be sure to specify your service hours and any special training courses.

To be more specific, you can choose a wide variety for your gym business. You can list about three or four categories like “sports centres,” “fitness centres,” “gym,” “Zumba,” and so on. This makes your gym business relevant to specific searches. Develop a short description that provides all the important information about your business. It will help if you add pictures and GIFs of your gym and the equipment that the gym is equipped with.

Most people choose a gym option based on its appearance and if it has all the needed equipment. Post-high-resolution pictures have a focal point so that each picture is informative to people. Ask your existing customers to leave reviews on “Google My Business.” Reviews show validity to your potential customers.

Create quality links

If your business website is relatively new on the search engine and you want to add credibility to your business and get good fitness SEO, you must build links. However, building links is one of the most effective ways to improve ranks on the search engine. When you write a post online, choose a part of the text related to the page you’re linking to.

The words you use to link to the website are the key text. In addition, when you are linking to another page, these links are known as outbound links. It is quite important to add outbound links, but what gives extra points are the inbound links. These are the links from the other websites. 

get relevant and quality links to your site

More so, the websites that link to your subject should have a higher domain authority than your business website. Inbound links from higher domain authority websites that point to your website give Google a signal that your website is credible and valid.

To know the number of links you can use, look for the links in your top competitor’s content for a specific keyphrase. Building a moderate number of links is important to avoid spamming allegations. This will raise your rank in fitness SEO. 

Optimize your website

What can make you get more clients on your websites and find their searches is the optimization of websites to be user-friendly. User-friendly gym websites are top in terms of fitness SEO. With so many fitness or gym websites on the internet, you need unique content for your website that relates well with your niche. It must be simple and pass across your brand story and message. Ensure that they are divided into proper categories and subcategories so that it is easy for people to find the information they searched for within a few clicks. 

optimized website for visibility

Add a sitemap to your website so the search engine can check through each page without missing any information. This is a very important factor concerning fitness SEO. Furthermore, you should always check the page loading speed and ensure that it does not take more than three seconds for your website to open. People leave websites that take a lot of time to open. This increases the website’s bounce rate and drops your fitness SEO ranking.


To get the best result on fitness SEO, you can hire an SEO company to optimize your website. Although, there are some you can do without any help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions on how to get more clients with fitness SEO. 

How much traffic can I get from SEO?

Over 50% of traffic around the web entered websites by clicking on them in the natural search results. That means that websites that have empowered their SEO skills are getting over 50% of the total traffic across the net. And if they are on the first page, they see over 90% of that traffic.