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7 Ways to Attract Gym Members through Social Media
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  • November 24, 2022
7 ways to attract gym membership through social media

Good social media marketing for fitness centres strategies is very hard to come by, and it is vital in this era to have one. Naturally, a standard gym attracts members. That is, a gym well built, spacious, and with adequate gym equipment regardless of the membership price captivates interested people to be a member.

In addition, if you can publicise your gym on social media effectively, you can create a huge impact on your gym business’ growth. 

What is social media marketing? What is social media marketing for the fitness centre? How can I use social media to increase membership for my fitness centre? What is the importance of social media for fitness centres? 

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is using social media platforms on which users build social networks and share information to create a company’s brand recognition, increase sales, and move website traffic. 

Social media marketing enables brands to communicate with existing customers and reach new ones. This type of marketing has purpose-built data analysis that allows marketers to keep a record of the success of their efforts and identify even more ways to connect.

Social media marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing strategies, with 90% of businesses employing some form of a marketing movement campaign on social media platforms. The leverage of social media marketing is pushed by the remarkable ability of social media in three main marketing areas;

  • Connection
  • Interaction and; 
  • Customer data


Besides social media helping brands connect with their customers, there is also an outrageous range of avenues to relate with target audiences from content platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 


 The functional aspect of the interaction on social media, whether direct interaction or passive “liking,” enables businesses to use free advertising opportunities from eWOM (electronic word-of-mouth) recommendations between existing and possible customers.

user's interaction on social media

Apart from eWOM being positively contagious, eWOM is also a good influence on consumer decisions, but the fact that these business transactions happen on social networks makes them measurable.

Customer Data

A well-designed social media marketing plan provides another priceless resource to upgrade marketing outcomes: customer data. Rather than being overwhelmed by the 3Vs of big data (volume, variety, and velocity), social media marketing tools have the capacity not only to extract customer data but also to make it valuable for functioning market analysis.

Social media usage rises rapidly worldwide, both via computers and phones. The ability to propel sales from specific user populations is a growing business, rife with competition for views and clicks.

Understanding Social Media Marketing for Fitness Centers 

Social media marketing for fitness centres uses social media platforms for advertising your gyms and fitness centres. A well-known gym or fitness is one with a beautiful environment, adequate equipment, and a reasonable number of members.

 Good social media marketing for fitness clubs has helped brand recognition and attraction. Some advantages of social media marketing for fitness clubs include improved brand recognition, brand patronization, improved transformation rates, better search engine ranking, and a reduction in your overall marketing expense.

However, there are a lot of other gyms that are well aware of the use of social media. This article will give strategies for social media marketing for fitness centres that would be quite distinct from others. 

How Can I Use Social Media to Increase Membership for My Fitness Centre?

Here are seven (7) ways to attract gym membership through social media marketing for fitness centres.

Choose the Best Social Media Platform That Relates to Your Brand

Just because there are many social media does not mean that you should use all of them for your social media marketing for fitness centres. Choose the relevant platforms to place your adverts to maximise profit and achieve real business results. 

You can recognize this by knowing where your targeted customers are most engaged, most accessible, and most concentrated. This is what a good plan for social media marketing for fitness should have.

Are your targets mature users who are well-focused on the latest information and news? Then, choose Twitter. Targeting the newer demographic? Instagram is incredibly popular. YouTube is another visual favourite to upload different workout techniques!

Choosing the best social media platform

Below are some social media network characteristics that could be useful as you develop your plan for social media marketing for fitness centres or gyms.

Instagram: high-resolution photos, stories, quotes, reels

Facebook: videos, motion graphics, and written content.

Twitter: blog posts, fun, and GIFs

Pinterest: step-by-step photo guides and infographics and easy search.

Look for the Right Audience, Place, and Time

There are many ways to use social media marketing for fitness, but your efforts, time, and money could be wasted if you’re not targeting the right audience at the right place and time. 

Your aim should be targeting the right person with the right content at the right time, using ethical format and language. The analysis would be your best bet to narrow down your target audience. 

So, be aware of these metrics: hashtag engagement, paid vs. organic likes, click-throughs, and reach.

With these strategies, you can now thoughtfully identify your targeted audience and communicate with them in your way. This will make you look more formal and market your business more in your social media marketing for fitness centres. 

Make Use of Social Media Influencers

Individual voices known as influencers have been the talk of the town and are highly preferred for one reason. The audience finds the influencers reliable.

 This, you can also tap the power of influencers to endorse and advertise your brand. To use influencers to grow your gym, you may do a: 

  • Collaboration
  • Paid promotion, or 
  • Exchange deal

Collaboration means creating content with your chosen social media influencer. You aim to make your fitness centre visible and engage an audience by hosting an influencer in the gym.

use influencer marketing

As it simply implies, a paid promotion is paying the influencer to promote your gym. You’ll have good profit once you pick the right influencer. 

An exchange deal is giving the influencer something in exchange for the promotion. It can be free gym membership for a while or merchandise.

Make Sure Your Fitness Centre is Visible Online

Double up your social media marketing for fitness centre efforts by ensuring your business is visible online. This helps you fully utilize your gym’s online presence, which attracts people’s attention.

Some ways to make your business visible online are by creating high-quality videos and pictures, sharing helpful tips on how to fit in a video, correcting wrongly done exercises, and making your content easily shareable.

Go Live Occasionally (Social Broadcasting)

Live streaming is growing so fast. Moreover, live videos trap users’ attention for 10 to 20x longer than recorded content. 

And according to Livestream, 82% of social media users prefer a live video from a brand to social posts to show originality. You have huge potential for your social media marketing for fitness centres through Livestream classes, online workouts, class booking schedules, fitness tips, and recipes. 

use live stream to engage audience

Use different ideas to raise your marketing message to a wider audience and connect potential members. 

Cross-promote With Other Businesses

Reach out to other businesses that are not rivals with a like-minded client base. This is called co-marketing. You will promote both businesses on social media, newsletters, and blogs with links to both markets.

Also, try to do co-branded giveaways. Give products or services as rewards to loyal supporters or those following both businesses on social media. Alternatively, give discounts on products and services like a discount on juice and spa treatments, with a valid gym membership for a week, two weeks, or a month.

use cross-promotion to promote your content

Affiliate marketing can help you grow your audience, too. Affiliate marketers make money when they sell a product or make a referral to your business. 

Ask for Customer Reviews

Customer credits are the best way to show the authenticity of your service. People want results, so customer reviews will go a long way toward gaining new clients. Ask your current members to leave reviews based on their experience or offer a gift or free session in exchange for reviews of videos and photos.

user customer review

Tieing it together 

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and others are where people spend time and where your target audience is. What’s more interesting is these people want to learn more about you. Make use of the opportunity to boost your business and get customers.

It would help if you made a good plan when drawing up strategies for social media marketing for fitness centres. Your marketing plan should ensure your customers can easily connect with your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions 

These are some frequently asked questions on social media marketing for fitness centres and their answers. 

Which social media platform is best for fitness?

 Instagram and Facebook are the top social media platforms in the fitness sector. They work together when it comes to establishing dominance in the digital space. Entering and gaining a reputation in the Instagram world is very easy. You can do so by creating a business page.

How important is social media for gyms?

Social media marketing for fitness centres is crucial in helping gyms and fitness studios reach customers post-COVID, increase brand recognition, boost conversions, and achieve business goals.

Is it hard to be a fitness influencer?

Being a fitness influencer on social media has a lot of pros, but it involves hard work and dedication. First, you need to build your body, and then you need to gain followers. With time, hard work, and a little luck, you will reach your goal of becoming a successful fitness influencer on social media.