Our Projects
Olive Tree
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting
  • Graphics Design
  • Brand Identity


Olive Tree Construction – a design and architectural company contacted us to work on their complete branding. Their major challenges were: a lack of brand recognition, a lack of corporate identity, and poor brand visibility. 



The first thing we did was build an aesthetically pleasing website to showcase their works. Next, we created a clear brand guide. This entails their logo, color palette, font, email signatures, and graphic designs.


What inspired the logo

The creation of the logo was influenced by the distinctive shape of the olive fruit and the Gothic arch.

Using the olive seed’s color, shape, and texture as our guide, we developed a logo that reflects the brand’s character and values. The intention behind positioning the logo at a 45-degree angle towards the North was to symbolize an upward trajectory and a significant increase in growth.


Our work on branding Olive Tree made it easy for their customers to readily associate with their business and shot up their sales by a wide margin – a win for us.