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Greenpeg Webstore
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Greenpeg Engineering is an engineering procurement firm that sought to expand its customer base beyond corporate clients. In order to accomplish this goal, our digital marketing agency launched a multifaceted digital marketing campaign that includes a website makeover, a social media marketing strategy, PPC advertising, and a third-party store integration.


The biggest issue encountered during the campaign was the unanticipated changes in the market, which affected their website sales.

Our solution

Our team first revamped the Greenpeg Engineering website to promote the company’s products, making it visually appealing and user-friendly. The site’s additional features improved users’ understanding of the company’s offerings and services.

We created a social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to generate visitors to the website.

We generated interesting social media material, such as blog articles, infographics, and videos, to emphasize the company’s products and services.

In order to reach the most relevant audience, our team adjusted the PPC ads and changed the targeting technique.

We equally used retargeting to attract back visitors who left the site without making a purchase.

Together with these initiatives, we established a third-party store on famous e-commerce platforms such as JiJi, Jumia, and Konga.


The campaign’s outcomes exceeded all expectations. More people visited the redesigned website, and the social media campaign improved interaction by 54%.

The PPC ads drove traffic to the site, and the third-party store integration assisted Greenpeg Engineering in reaching new customers.

Overall, the organization broadened its customer base beyond corporate clients and reached out to regular people.


In conclusion

The Greenpeg Engineering campaign showed the value of a multifaceted digital marketing strategy for expanding a company’s consumer base.

The incorporation of social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and third-party storefronts assisted the company in reaching a larger audience beyond its existing clients.